3PR’s Relinquishment Process


What will happen to my bird when I relinquish to 3PR?

  • You will fill out a relinquishment form by clicking              . This form helps 3PR determine relevant facts about the bird and has questions with regard to the bird’s exposure to other birds so that 3PR can better manage the potential spread of disease.​

  • Your bird will either be picked up by a volunteer of 3PR or you can drop your bird off at the rescue. You will be presented with a form that only requires your signature. This form gives Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue legal custody of your bird.

  • 3PR’s newest relinquishment bird is entered into a database that will forever track the bird. This is done with a photo and/or band number. The name of your bird may be changed at the discretion of the board of directors or by your request.

  • While the volunteers are entering this bird’s information into the database, one of our state-licensed foster homes will prepare to accept this bird into their home.

  • Medical intakes are scheduled to ensure the safety of the flock in our foster homes. Our foster homes have a specified “quarantine” area until an “all clear” has been received back from the lab if there is a concern about disease.

  • Your bird will be integrated into the life of the foster home and assessments on your bird begin. 3PR fosters begin observation on a variety of physical and behavioral issues to include but not limited to, stepping up, biting, food preferences, personality with regard to species, response to showers, flight ability, unique noises, bedtime habits, interaction with other birds, children, animals, etc.

  • The end of the 30 day quarantine will arrive rather quickly for the 3PR foster family who has put a lot of time, effort and love into your bird. Most birds will now be ready to move to the rescue and a marketing campaign begins to let the community know about the new bird so that all can come meet your feathered friend. In extreme cases, more time in a foster home is required for further rehabilitation before a bird is ready for adoption.

  • Adoption applications are received through the 3PR website and the future forever home of your bird will be approved or denied by the 3PR Adoption Board. More information on the adoption process can be found by clicking              .

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