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Sapporo is a 41 year old Blue-Throated Macaw.  Blue Throat Macaws originate from Bolivia and there are only about 300 left of his species.  He is slow to step up and can be a little intimidating, but he likes to be loved on once he begins to trust you!  Sapporo is a super smart bird, but he's a little lazy.  he loves his foraging toys, but he doesn't want to work hard for treats!  he wouldn't be able to survive without taking apart all of his plastic ring toys!! He loves pistachios, walnuts, Brazil nuts, grapes & strawberries.  He really dislikes bath time, but puts up with it because he likes us. ;)

He can say "hello", "stop", "hi" - he understands "eagle" and will spread his wings.  He learns very quickly, makes all kinds of crazy sounds, but reserves that for when humans are in another room, seemingly never in front of us. He will only go to a home where he is with an experienced bird owner.