Why should I WEIGH my bird?

Birds hide illness and pain - this is a self-protective instinct that helps birds stay alive in the wild. The weak do not live long. Parrots are smarter than the average bird and unfortunately, hide illness even better than the birds outside of your home. This survival technique keeps them alive, but also keeps YOU from knowing that something is wrong until it is too late. There is one common thread that will most likely be connected to every potential sign of illness listed below...

  • Increase in urination

  • Feather or skin changes

  • Discharge from the eyes or nostrils

  • Vomiting/regurgitating

  • Sneezing or wheezing

  • Limping

  • Fluffed feathers

  • Tail bobbing while breathing

  • Sudden behavior changes including biting or screaming

  • Decrease in activity level

  • Voice change

  • Weakness or inability to perch

  • Overgrown or discolored beak

  • Change in droppings: color or consistency


3PR consults with Avian Veterinarians from around the country and always asks what is ONE way that we can keep an eye on the health of so many birds. "Weigh them regularly" is always the response! An avian scale is a simple tool that will help you rest at ease knowing you get an early notice that something could be wrong with your feathered friend. This window of time could be just what is needed to save your sweet bird's life. Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue weighs its birds as part of its regular routine. A bird's weight changes throughout the day, so weighing your bird before serving breakfast is the best time to get a consistent measurement. Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue will consult with an Avian Veterinarian if the weight of one of our birds drops by more than 5% for 3 consecutive weigh-ins. An excel spreadsheet is great way to keep track of your bird's weight.

Here is a link to a great chart that you can print off and use at home -

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