What are the steps to adopting a bird at 3PR?

  1. Visit - The homepage alone will give you a ton of information.

  2. Next you will want to click on the following link - These 5 steps will give you everything you need to know for next steps with links included.

  3. Once your adoption application is complete. Send a message with 2 or 3 available times that you can stop by for a visit and the 3PR team will set aside time to focus on making your visit unlike any other experience you have ever had.

  4. Please let us know if your experience was anything but AWESOME! 3PR wants you to be a raving fan of the rescue and the best way for us to get better is to get your feedback.

  5. Message 3PR with any questions. There is a team of volunteers standing by to respond to any questions that you may have. The goal of 3PR is to EDUCATE and never to put anyone down. You will be respected and valued as a part of the 3PR community.


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