The DANGERS of buying a parrot online!

In EVERY one of us there is or has been that feeling like NOW is the time to add a parrot to our flock. We research for days, weeks, even months. Some of us research so much that we end up with MORE questions than we began with.

  • Are cockatoos really THAT loud?

  • Do Amazons really bite without warning?

  • Should I just buy a baby bird so that I can "raise" it and make it the way I want it to be?

  • Should I get a bigger bird even though I have small children?

We have ALL been there. We have ALL asked those same questions. We have ALL wondered without solid answers. We have ALL scanned Craigslist for that perfect bird.

COMMUNITY & EDUCATION are 2 of the 4 pillars at Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue. We are here so that YOU can have YOUR questions answered in a NON-JUDGMENTAL environment. 3PR does more EDUCATION than anything else and most often it is over a cup of coffee at the shelter. The mission of 3PR fails if you do not rescue the absolute PERFECT bird for your home. We know that people are going to SHOP instead of ADOPT. Let us educate you on what we have observed and what you are likely to find.


  1. "LOTS OF BABY PARROTS AVAILABLE!" This is a breeder, often posting under a false name because their reputation is so bad that they can no longer use their own name. Breeders breed for a primary purpose - profit. Small cages. Cheap food. Deposits before birds are hatched. The toughest one we see are birds bought at auction in another state. A breeder/flipper rents a truck and drives to a Parrot Auction House and stuffs as many parrots as humanly possible into that truck and then drives back home. You will often get a romantic story of how that parrot came to be and the truth is, that parrot has never known anything but constant movement and abuse. The humans do not test the bird for diseases which puts the BIRD and YOU at risk. The moment you buy from a breeder, you have given them enough money to rent another truck. Please do not support this trade.

  2. "YOUR DREAM BIRD IS AVAILABLE NOW!" There is SO MUCH MORE to a bird than a dog! Rarely, if ever, will you meet a dog that simply does not like you. On the other hand, birds choose their owners or simply dislike someone for no apparent reason. The "proof is in the pudding" as grandma used to say. The sheer quantity of unwanted parrots being SOLD on Craigslist & Facebook is proof that the process of bringing a new bird into your home is NOT EASY. On top of ALL OF THIS, you have no idea the health or relational history of an animal that could potentially bite you so hard that you may never have feeling in that part of your body every again.

  3. "AFRICAN GREY TALKING PARROT BABY GREY $1,200.00" This one. Oh, this one. Yes, we saved the BEST for last! There is not a month that goes by at 3PR that we do not hear this story with a head turned down and eyes that can barely look up as we are told, "Yeah, so, um, I found a parrot on craigslist and fell in love, but when I went to pick it up yesterday, nobody met me." My response is usually, "Oh, bummer, so you drove all that way and wasted your time?" Inevitably, the response is, "Well, I had paid in full and now nobody will return my call. I think I got scammed." YES! YOU GOT SCAMMED! Don't beat yourself up too badly, it happens ALL OF THE TIME. Humans fall in love with an idea, which translates into a picture of an animal, which translates into bad decisions. Here is one that came up TODAY when we searched this title.....

There is no shortage of these posts and they just keep coming! Please reach out. 3PR does not charge anything for consultation. Come in to the shelter and have a cup of coffee with us, ask questions and maybe even hold a bird or two. We can't wait to meet you!

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