How much does an African Grey cost at Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue (3PR)?

Updated: Jun 21

Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue

receives hundreds of

inquiries every week about

the cost of specific birds.

These requests typically

come in one of the

3 styles below

(these are all TRUE by the way)...

1. The "oblivious" ask - "How much is that grey bird that talks going to cost me? I will be there in 30 minutes to pick it up if I can afford it."

2. The "scammed" ask - "I think I just lost $2,800.00 on a Craigslist scam. I have been sitting in a parking lot for 2 hours and I don't think anyone is coming. How much are your Grey's?"

3. The "creepy" ask - "I cannot tell you why I am asking, but how much are your African Grey parrots?"

A bird is not like a gallon of milk!

"Buying" a parrot is not like buying a gallon of milk. This is why 3PR chooses very intentionally to call the cost a "fee". 3PR does not give pricing out for birds in the shelter because we do not view birds as a commodity, but rather as being intelligent enough to choose who they want to be adopted by. A bird will choose its people and we see it on a regular basis. Putting a price tag on a bird would have prevented some of the incredible connections that have been made.

How does 3PR determine the fee?

I am glad that you asked! You can read far more in detail at, but the safety of every bird is the foundation of this decision. Factors such as...

  • Species

  • Age

  • Health

  • Temperament

  • Market Saturation

  • Dietary Needs

...are considered through a process that is as much science as it is art. The final goal in building a "fee profile" on a specific bird is to price it too high to be flipped on Craigslist and low enough that anybody can afford one of these magnificent creatures.

Some have accused 3PR of "...not posting prices so that you can charge as much as possible for each bird." The problem with this theory is that NOBODY at 3PR (a 501c3 non-profit) gets paid. This means that every person you work with at 3PR (including the blogger) volunteers their time. This levels the playing field of pricing in every way. It also allows 3PR to function at its best and without motives of anything other than the bird's best interest in mind.


Never, ever, ever will anybody from 3PR respond to you with a price over the phone, on Facebook or via email. This practice holds 3PR to its mission of finding the "perfect" home for every bird. Selling birds over the phone will never be a practice at 3PR. Spending time with you when you visit is a practice that you will see. Explaining everything to you that we have learned about each bird from its medical intake through the foster experience is a practice that you will see. Follow-up after an adoption to give you FREE support is a practice that you will see.


"So, when should I ask the price?" Well, I am glad that you asked this, as well. The second visit with a bird that you have spent at least a few hours with is probably the best time to ask. It is so obvious that somebody does not believe in or understand (this falls on us) the mission of 3PR when they walk in the door, hold a bird and ask how much it costs. Adopting a bird from 3PR means becoming part of our extended family. We probably won't show up for Christmas dinner, but if you ask, there is a chance. ;-)

We would love for you to experience the difference at 3PR by reading our website - - thoroughly and making an appointment for a tour. We hope to see you soon!

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