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Hello! My Name Is Kasey

I am new to 3PR.  I'm a 20 year old male Military Macaw, but I identify as a bat - or at least I hang like one!  I promise I am sweer once you get to know me. I step up and I like head scatches.  I am skittish at first, but once we make a bond, nothing will keep me from loving you.  I'm not picky when comes to food and I will taste test everything for you.  Ii even say "MmM" when you fill my bowl.I love boxes, I will get in forts and then create peep holes.  If it's a small box, I like to play the drums.  When I'm excited, I move around like a robot and give your hand "boops" - When you come visit me, bring unsalted pistacios!!!  Yuuummmmm!

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