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My name is Baby Capri. I am a female, 25 year-old, Yellow-Crowned Amazon. 3PR put me into a category they call "Special Needs". Let me tell you a little about my story and then this might make more sense.


I spent 25 years in a cage and ate a mostly seed diet. On top of this being unhealthy for my species, my humans smoked cigarettes in the house a lot. One day they pulled me out of my cage and dropped me off at an animal rescue that doesn't take birds.This nice lady from a place called "Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue" came in and picked me up. I arrived at 3PR a few hours later and the volunteers their learned pretty quickly that I haven't been touched by humans much and hands scare me! They talked about how bad I smelled and that my feathers were black from my poor diet. The good news is that after just a few weeks, I smell wonderful, like an amazon parrot is supposed to smell. 

This is the real kicker, while I am learning that humans touching me is kind of ok, my feet don't do what I want them to. My legs work great though, so I just put my feet where I want them and hope that my toes stick to something. I use my beak a lot to steady myself inside my cage, but I still fall quite a bit. Lucky for me, my 3PR Foster Humans set up a special cage for me where everything is close to the bottom. 

My humans work with me a lot to rehabilitate me. I don't know what this means, but they talk about it a lot. I get to spend many hours every day outside of my cage with my humans. I asked them to use a towel to get me out of the cage because their hands FREAK ME OUT, but I let them touch me once I am on the couch for a while. In fact, I LOVE neck scratches, apples and my favorite is a 9 year old human that lives in my foster home. I show off for him when he gets close to my cage by opening my beautiful wings and saying "Hello" when he is near. I get showers every day too, this has helped my feathers to look much better. 

While my 3PR Foster Humans are pretty great, they tell me often how much love I am going to bring to my forever family. They are looking for the perfect humans for me, but I am not ready to go just yet. I have some more "rehabilitation" according to my humans. I am biting them less every day and they are learning how I like things. This is a big deal because at 25 years-old I have already gone through puberty and my opinions are not going to change much from here on out. Check out the Adoption Process on the 3PR website, because when I am ready to be adopted, I do not want to wait long for my forever family. I cannot wait to meet you!