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My name is Tito and I am a beautiful 13 year-old Black-Capped Caique. I am a boy in case you were wondering. The first 13 years of my life were spent either in a dark room or in a cage. Before I made it to 3PR, I was never handled by human hands. I came to 3PR terrified of anything and everything. 

I am learning to step up and  I have started the LONG process of trusting humans that have abandoned me for 13 long years. A towel, hand or perch are equally scary to me. My human has to hold my toes when I am perching or I get scared and try to fly away. You should see them try to catch me when I get on the floor! They have to move furniture, they hit their head on things and I just keep running. It is pretty funny! When reaching into my cage, I lay on my back with my feet up and then I scream. I don't bit unless I am startled while my humans are holding me. Biting is not my favorite thing, in fact, I feel bad when I bite humans, so I try not to.


Showers are a brand new thing to me and I love them. I can go in the shower with my human or on the shower floor while the warm water sprays my feathers. I used to pluck my upper chest a little, but it did not look good, so I am growing them back now. I will be rehabilitated at the Ute Pass Avian Rehabilitation Center for a while before I come into the rescue. Don't worry though, by the time I get there, I will step right up and love on humans like I have always wanted to.

I love pistachios and all kinds of fruit. Quinoa and beans are delicious too! Pellets & Seed were all I had before, so I am willing to try new things. My beak was so overgrown when I arrived that I could not close it all of the way, but now, I can crack nuts like I have always wanted to. 

I cannot wait to get to my forever home, but I need to learn a lot of things first so that this adoption is my last. When you meet me, you will love me...this I have no question about!