Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue developed this program because these often under-appreciated animals have changed our lives and we want to tell you a little more about them and their stories. 

You will laugh and likely cry as you sit in amazement at how incredible these creatures are and you will no doubt leave knowing more about parrots than you ever knew before!

We have given you a sneak peek of some of the birds you will get to meet!


Cuddles is a 20 Year Old 

Umbrella Cockatoo

that LOVES everyone! 

She sings and talks and

represents everything 


about Umbrella Cockatoos!

Book 3PR for your next educational or executive 

event and you can snuggle

Cuddles too!


Thor is an 11 Year Old 

Greenwing Macaw 

that was rescued from a 

dog crate filled with feces

in a dark shed.


Thor is FULL of personality 

and life! Do not let that

HUGE beak intimidate you. 

Thor is a gentle giant!

He LOVES to get his

picture taken with total strangers.


Book 3PR for your next educational or executive 

event and you can see 

just how BIG and gentle

Thor really is!


Twinkle is a bird that understands

ENERGY and she will feed

off the energy of your group.

Twinkle loves to sing "Twinkle-twinkle" 

and "Mary had a little lamb" with

a little twist at the end. 

She will laugh with you 

and grumble loudly in agreement.

This 25 Year Old

Yellow-Naped Amazon

is a bird that you will want to meet!

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