3PR’s Five Step Adoption Process


This process can take as little as 2 – 4 weeks. 

  • Visit 3PR for a Tour

    • Our volunteer staff members work intensively in helping our guests adopt birds, this is why we are here. The best way to start this journey is to visit 3PR and take a tour with one of our well-trained volunteers or you can walk around yourself with our book that will tell you about each and every bird in our shelter.

  • Annual Membership Application

    • Apply to pre-qualify to adopt               and pay the non-refundable $25 fee.

    • This fee will allow you and your family FREE admission to visit with all of the birds to see which one is going to choose you. Three to five (3-5) visits or more will be required to help you see more of the bird’s personality and for the bird to see yours, so do not feel rushed. We will disclose if there is already an ITA on a bird you are meeting with. Our role is to observe and the board will decide the best fit for the bird based on all of the criteria included in the adoption process.

  • Standards of Care Course & Home Inspection

    • You will receive a link to our online Standards of Parrot Care course which should take approximately 3-6 hours to complete.

    • 3PR contacts you to schedule and complete a home inspection and consultation about adding a bird to your home.

  • Intent to Adopt (ITA)

    • We are pretty sure that a bird will have chosen you by this point in the process! Now, you will complete an Intent to Adopt form in person that 3PR will review for approval and decide on within 2-4 business days. This does not “reserve” or “hold” a bird for you. We often receive multiple ITA’s on the same bird.

    • Once approved you now have 14 days to obtain an appropriate sized cage and complete cage set up with enrichment to close the adoption (pictures will need to be provided to make sure it meets 3PR’s standards)

    • YOU ARE APPROVED, ACCEPTED and hopefully EXCITED! Contact 3PR to schedule a time to pick up your new, feathered family member. Full payment of the adoption fee can be made at the time you pick up your new bird. Don’t forget that you will need a travel cage to safely take your birdie home.

  • Follow-Up

    • This is the BIG one! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are struggling. A call from you does not mean you are failing, it means you are loving your bird enough to ask for help. Again, helping these birds live long and healthy lives with you or your family is our mission. We receive calls on most birds that are adopted out and we LOVE assisting you in figuring out what might be going on.

    • 3PR requires contact from you at or about 7 days, 30 days and 180 days. This can be done by a phone call, email (we love pictures!) or posting pictures to the Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue - 3PR page on Facebook. This accountability is for the bird(s), you, 3PR and our wonderful donors that make all of this possible.

3PR’s Adoption Process

Finches & Budgies


Birds such as finches & budgies are eligible for same day adoption at Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue (3PR)

Finch & Budgie Adoption Process (estimated duration 1-2 hours):

  1. Visit Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue in Colorado Springs during business hours.  In general, same day adoptions of Finches & Budgies will occur on a first come-first served basis. However, 3PR reserves the right to refuse adoption of any bird to any individual or group if adoption is deemed inappropriate for any reason or not a good fit for the bird.

  2. You will complete a paper application upon arrival.

  3. You meet and spend some time with the birds you are interested in and select your bird.

  4. Cages must be pre-approved for size & suitability by 3PR before an adoption closes. Please bring one or more photos of current cage(s), as well as cage measurements. Having a ruler or common object, like a dollar bill, in your photos is helpful!

  5. A 3PR volunteer will conduct a bird care mini-course with you, ensuring that you have the knowledge you need to bring home your bird and have all of your questions answered. You will also receive a copy of our bird care book.

  6. Please contact 3PR within 7 days to follow up via phone, email or by leaving comments and pictures on Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue’s Facebook Page.

  7. You may contact 3PR at anytime for post-adoption support.

Adoption fees:

  • Finch $10 (or otherwise noted)

  • Budgie $20 for one (or otherwise noted)

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