3PR’s Fee Structure Philosophy

3PR would LOVE to do what we do without an adoption fee. This fee, in addition to our wonderful donors, is what allows us to care for birds with the excellent standards driven by the 3PR mission. There are no salaries as 3PR is an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization. Fees cover the cost of everything involved in rescuing and rehabilitating a bird to the place where it can be adopted to you.


The Science Behind 3PR’s Adoption Fees


A dedicated team at 3PR has studied best practices from shelters around the country and have applied these learnings to the following methodology. Each time a bird enters the shelter from an approved Foster Home, the Foster Home Representative, The Executive Director of 3PR and at least 1 board member meet to discuss the following criteria.

  • The Average Market Value of the species is determined.

    • This Average Market Value is then divided by 2 as a baseline value. This is equal to 50% of retail cost.

    • Birds valued at over $1,000.00 will have a $400.00 range both above and below the baseline value. Birds valued at over $500.00 will have a $200.00 range both above and below the baseline value and birds below $500.00 will have a $100.00 range above and below the baseline value. The final fee within this range is determined by the following 3 factors.

      • The age of the bird that we are considering.

      • The health of the bird that we are considering.

      • The temperament of the bird that we are considering.

Rare breeds will include a 4th factor that 3PR refers to as the “Awe Factor” which typically increases the price to avoid these rare breeds being sold as breeder birds or being flipped on Craigslist. Extreme behaviors can also impact pricing to the positive or negative. 


3PR’s market studies revealed that when fees are set too low, there is an increase in individuals attempting to “flip” the bird or breeding these birds to make a profit. The same market studies revealed that birds priced too high put birds out of reach of the average, middle-class American and leaves shelters with too many birds. Our goal is to find the sweet spot that allows 3PR to keep the lights on while continuing to provide EXCELLENT care for our flock and to keep you smiling as you pay the fee for your bird knowing that every dollar you spend will go directly back into making 3PR the fabulous and well-respected organization that it is known to be.


Please do not call to ask how the cost of a bird. It is a best practice to visit 3PR and wait until a bird has chosen you and you have officially entered the adoption process. We do not do this for the money or we would place a price tag on each cage. Your connection with a bird in our shelter is so important to us that running around to get pricing while you and many others are visiting would pull us away from the 3PR mission. Thank you in advance for understanding our heart in this.