3PR will continue its normal operating hours of 11am-4pm, 7-days a week with the following changes listed below. 

 ANYONE who would like to visit with one of the birds in the shelter will need to complete an adoption application by clicking on the "Adoption Application" button below prior to making an appointment to meet with one of the birds. 3PR will limit the "Retail Side" and the "Bird Side" of the rescue to 10 people each. Please respect the Social Distancing requirements that have been mandated in the State of Colorado.

Curbside food and toy delivery is available at your request. Please contact 3PR in advance @ 719-203-6955 or even when you pull into the parking lot and we will get food & toys out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for being a part of the Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue community!

Welcome to Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue! 3PR is an interactive and hands-on environment where you can handle and love on our flock the same way we do. There is a small entrance fee at the door and once you have signed a waiver and applied some of our hand sanitizer, you will be guided through the shelter and introduced to our wonderful flock of adoptable birds. 3PR is run entirely by volunteers who love what they do and they love welcoming you the most! 

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Hours - 7-Days - 11am - 4PM

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